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Register now for the

2023 Global Leader Experience Summit

Join us on the stunning Gold Coast for this years not to be missed global LX event!


Be inspired by fantastic leading industry speakers, learn new tools for every step of leadership in the 2023 climate and improve your LX experience forever.

Leading teams & organisations today needs new approaches and new tools

Hear from inspiring experts sharing their case studies and expertise and join LX professionals from all over the globe as we come together to learn and share.

The 4 things you want most from a leadership summit

You don't want sales pitches or vendor booths.​ This event delivers all of those things in a sales-free space.

New Tools YOU CAN USE immediately

Leadership tools and techniques you can implement.


New thinking NEW Approaches

Be inspired by new thinking for today's world.

cool experiences while learning

To be 'wowed' with cool experiences at the top of the world.

make new connections with peers

Meet like-minded people then laugh and learn together.


Acquire new tools and techniques

Through the practical sessions, you will have an opportunity to become a REACH Certified Leader and leave the Summit with new tools and techniques for key leadership activities so you can have higher performing, more engaged and stable teams and enjoy your Leader Experience (LX) more.

27 FEB - 1 MARCH

Join us 300m in the sky at the famous SkyPoint at Q1 resort for three days of great food, amazing entertainment and learning from LX industry leaders.

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Feb 27 - March 1 2023
SkyPoint at Q1 on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Welcome Dinner: Monday Feb 27

Check-In and Welcome Gala Dinner - Champagne and Performers start 6:30pm Level 78

Day 1: Tuesday Feb 28

8am – 9am: Coffee & networking

9am – 9:15am: Opening Remarks

Dr Doug Waldo - Author of The REACH Quotient and the REACH Assessments shares his insights on the state of leadership and workplace culture.

9:15am - 9:45am: Presentation - Creating Value

Great Leadership > Great Employee Experience (EX) Customer Experience (CX) > Organisational Performance and Shareholder Value with Ian Cormack

9:45am - 10:30am: Certified Leader Workshop 1: Culture First

Insights and actions to create and sustain an environment where people can and want to do their best work.

10:30am - 10:45am Break 

10:45am - 11:15am: Presentation - The Gift Of Feedback

How to create a mindset of learning and growth to harness the power of feedback with Anthony Joy.

11:15am - 12:30pm: Certified Leader Workshop 2: Improving Leadership and Performance

Using feedback tools and practices to inform and inspire improvement.

12:30pm - 1:15pm: Lunch (above the clouds)

1:15pm - 1:45pm Presentation - Creating your never-ending Talent Pipeline

Everyone wants a never-ending Talent Pipeline - here's how you can with Andre Van De Merwe

1:45pm - 2:30pm: Certified Leader Workshop 3: Strengths-based Interviewing Techniques

Lay the foundations for engagement and high performance with strengths-based interviewing.

2:30pm - 2:45pm: Break (above the clouds)

2:45pm - 3:15pm Presentation - Building Your Workforce Of The Future

Developing your talent pipeline and growing your team while others complain there's no talent available with Marie Felsbourg

3:15pm - 4:30pm: Certified Leader Workshop 4: Securing Top Talent

Tools and techniques to have your preferred candidate accept your offer - without trying to 'buy' them with salary, perks and signing bonuses.

4:30pm - 5:00pm Presentation - There's the Pack, and there's the Outliers - Learn to Think and Behave like an Outlier

A thought provoking close with Nathaniel Hodges.

6pm - 8pm: Casual Dinner and Drinks at Wahlburgers

Yep the Wahlburg Brothers (Mark, Donnie and Paul) have opened a Wahlburgers on the Gold Coast - and we've got food and drinks and the place to ourselves for two hours!)

Day 2: Wednesday Mar 1

8am – 9am: Coffee & networking

9:15am - 9:45am: Presentation - Developing Leaders and Teams in Public Health

 with Terry Williams

9:45am - 10:30am: Certified Leader Workshop 5 - Team Synergy While You Grow:

Tools and techniques to create team synergy and engagement while your team changes and grows with Paul Findlay

10:30 - 10:45 Break 

10:45am - 11:15am: Presentation - Engaging and Developing Workforces today

 with Michelle Gooch.

11:15am - 12:30pm: Certified Leader Workshop 6: Keep Your People by Supporting their Growth

12:30pm - 1:15pm: Lunch 

1:15pm - 1:45pm Presentation - Unlocking Latent Capacity in Dysfunctional Teams to Drive Rapid Growth

Leading your team into Rapid Growth with Glenn Donaldson

1:45pm - 2:30pm: Certified Leader
Workshop 6: Projects, Promotion and Delegation

Identifying Internal Talent with specific skills and attributes for specific roles, tasks or succession planning.

2:30pm - 2:45pm Break (above the clouds)

2:45pm - 3:15pm Presentation - How to Get Inside the Minds of People 

Psychology driven approaches to translate neuroscience and behavioural science into Business Intelligence with Dr Leanne Elich.

3:15pm - 4:30pm Certified Leader Workshop 7: Motivate, Manage and Develop Different Types of Teams

Using Development Companions.

MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png


This will be one of the most interesting and entertaining lineups you've ever experienced.

doug w.jpg

Dr. Doug Waldo, DBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CNC

Father (author) of the REACH Quotient. Professor, researcher, consultant. Delivers insights, research and empirical findings with charisma that will enlighten and inspire.

Topic: Latest People Science

Dr. Waldo will share his latest insights with his usual passion, and data-led confidence that will leave you inspired and informed. Doug will share new findings and thought leadership...  


Dr. Leanne Elich, PhD, GAICD

The only things that match Leanne’s qualifications which include a medical degree and a business degree from Harvard are her energy, humour and keen insight.

As a Sales Psychologist and author of Solving the Sales Equation, Leanne is a sought after expert in bridging the gap between science and business. Her passion lies at the intersection of behavioural science and psychology to ethically influence consumer behaviour.

Dr. Elich is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Topic: How to Get Inside the Minds of People
Psychology driven approaches to translate neuroscience and behavioural science into Business Intelligence.

Have you ever wondered why people can be constantly surprising?

​Understanding their behaviours, personalities, preferences and decisions

is not unlike a detective solving a mystery. But how do we decode

the science behind business?

In this session Dr Elich will explore the art of persuasion and how

to adjust your communication style to connect, create influence

and get the outcomes you want.

nat h.jpg

Nathaniel Hodges

With degrees in both Exercise Science and Psychology, Nathaniel possesses a remarkable mind that is curious about and helps apply principles from just about every philosophy, religion, and culture. Nathaniel understands people physically, mentally, ideologically and societally; he delivers his messages with as much charisma and style as he does energy and insight.

Nat is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Topic: There's the Pack and the Outliers... Learn to Be an Outlier

Nat will bring his multi-disciplinary approach to provide you with practical tools to approach business, life and your mindset, to elevate your performance.

marie f.jpg

Marie Felsbourg

With initial qualifications in Chemistry, Marie found her calling and passion in developing people and organisations. With a forward-thinking people-oriented approach, Marie leads an IT company that has a great talent pipeline – while everyone else is complaining that there’s a talent shortage. Hear how Marie successfully approaches “Building the Workforce of the Future”.

Marie is a REACH Certified Practitioner.


Marie will share the journey both from an individual and organisational perspective, in creating ways to leverage and mould the REACH platform to the specific requirements of building the Workforce of the Future.

Topic: Building Our Workforce of the Future


Anthony Joy

Educated in Australia, Berkeley, and Harvard, AJ is a brand guru, neuroscience-based leadership and team development expert, and Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) consultant.

As humble as he is sharp and charismatic, there's a reason why Australia's leading brands turn to AJ for advice, coaching,

and brand building.

AJ is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Topic: Your EX creates your CX
In this interactive session we will explore the link between successful brands and organisational culture. Anthony will explain why people chose to buy from us and why people choose to work with us. Drawing insights from Great Brands, Behavioural Economics and Contemporary Leadership practices, this session will explain why building your culture and engaging your people makes good business sense.

michelle gooch.jfif

Michelle Gooch

Michelle is a developer of business, brands and people.

With a sharp mind and a gentle nature Michelle is a leader and consultant that provides clarity, insight and value with every interaction and every initiative that she's involved in. When Michelle is sharing, you find yourself engaged and learning before you realise it.

Michelle is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

 Topic: Engaging and Developing Workforces today.

Ian cormack.jpg

Ian Cormack

Ian is a natural storyteller who has a myriad of amazing stories to tell. His academic accolades include winning the Australian Psychological prize and an incredible career spanning decades of success at Executive Leadership levels across some of Australia and the world’s leading brands.

Ian is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Listening to Ian is both inspirational and informative.

Topic: Leading with Purpose
Ian will share his insights about helping emerging leaders develop their leadership capability, skills and awareness. As one of Australia's most accomplished leaders Ian will share how he takes lessons learned from his Executive Leadership roles at organisations such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Woolworths Group, George Weston Foods and others to pay it forward and help Australia's leading organisations successfully develop their future leaders as they navigate the incredibly complex and fast paced world. Ian has an amazing ability to distill complexity into simple, practical insights. You'll love this session.

glenn d.jpg

Glenn Donaldson

Coming from an engineering background in the mining and infrastructure industries, Glenn found his true passion in leading teams and growing businesses. His experience includes delivering 60x growth in revenue for a major Tier 1 Contractor, while he built his team from only 15 people to well over 350 during his 8-year stint leading that business. Glenn did this in the face of a very parochial customer base and deeply embedded competitors, and his stories reflect on how this was achieved through innovation, imagination, and determination – which is the way he approaches leadership and business growth.

Glenn is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Topic: Case Study: Turning Around a Dysfunctional and Disparate Team and Leading Them into Rapid Growth

Headshot beard profile pic transparent background.png

Paul Findlay

EO and Co-founder of the REACH Ecosystem. Paul is on a mission to improve the experience of leaders at work around the world. He’s doing that by making data-led leadership accessible at all levels of the organisation and then inspiring and enabling lifelong learning journeys.

Leadership in Practice Sessions - practical sessions spread across the two days.

To ensure you get the perfect balance of inspiration and application, Paul will run 15 minute activities spread across the two days so you will walk away with new tools and techniques that you can implement the very next day as a Heart Led, Data Driven Leader 

Bring your preferred device and be ready to listen, discuss and participate constantly across the two days.

2019 Terry Williams Headshot.png

Terry Williams

Terry is a triple threat – Author of multiple books, has delivered 1,000's of leadership and communication courses, and has been on stage as a stand-up comic thousands of times. His insights, experience, and humour come together as inspiration and motivation for the audience.

Terry is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Don't miss hearing from Terry – you'll laugh and learn.

Topic: Developing Leaders and Teamwork in Public Health.

Terry shares his insights and most poignant moments in his ongoing work developing leaders, communication and change management skills as he works with many different roles across different organisations in public and private health in the NZ Health System

thumbnail_Amanda Headshot .jpg

MC – Amanda Rosazza

Energy, intelligent insights and charisma that will keep you engaged, entertained and motivated while you learn.

Amanda is a professional facilitator, coach, Disney Alumni, and entrepreneur. 

Be ready to laugh, learn, and just come to accept that there is no way to fall asleep when Amanda is in the room!

Amanda is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Topic: MC for Your Event


Andre van der Merwe

Andre is as charming as he is insightful and adds value to every business and relationship that he touches.

And he touches a lot of businesses! First as a serial entrepreneur, he owns a Consulting Partnership - Verity Consulting, a Recruitment Company - Barclay Recruitment (which just celebrated its 20th birthday) and an e-scooter business called iScoot. 

The one thing that is in common across Andre's various businesses and roles he plays in them - Andre is always the person that everyone wants to work for and work with. He's the guy that cares and is experienced and insightful enough to always add value. 

Andre is a REACH Certified Practitioner.

Topic: Everyone wants a never ending Talent Pipeline - here's how you can!
Wait, now you have the great talent - let's discuss the ways to retain and engage them.

2023 Summit Logo Web Res White.png

Feb 27 - March 1 2023
SkyPoint at Q1 on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Image by Jaime Lopes

Join some of Australia's and the world's leadership experts as they share their expertise and case studies. You'll also learn the latest tools and techniques to be a more effective leader, so you enjoy your leader experience (LX) more as you unlock your leadership excellence.


World class speakers, a REACH Certified Leader Certification valued at $1,999 + bonus 12 months access to the REACH Certified Leader eLearing course for 12 months (usually $700) + an amazing venue, entertainment, and networking lunches, a gala dinner 320m in the sky, a fun dinner and drinks at Wahlburgers Surfers Paradise and outstanding entertainment.

+ While you can choose from the virtually limitless accommodation on the Gold Coast, however, as a LX Summit 2023 delegate you will also receive a coupon to receive a 15% discount off the lowest advertised price at Q1 or voco an IHG hotel


Seats Strictly Limited to 140 - this will sell out fast!


Tickets $1375 each
Strictly limited and amazing value, these will sell out fast secure yours today!
  • LX Summit 2023 Giving Leaders The Insights And Tools They Need To Love Leadership
    27 Feb, 6:00 pm AEST – 01 Mar, 5:00 pm AEST
    SkyPoint at Q1, 9 Hamilton Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
    Speakers, Learning, Entertainment, Certification and an amazing venue, food and entertainment - THE leader's event. + 15% discount off the lowest available price from our luxury accommodation partners Q1 and voco Gold Coast.
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